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Handy VS Code Shortcuts

Setting up Docker for Windows

Handy Visual Studio Shortcuts

Using Git with VS Code

VS Code Sensibility Features

Extending VS Code: PART 3

Extending VS Code: PART 2

Extending VS Code: PART 1

VS Code & Version Control

Customizing VS Code

Navigating VS Code

An Overview of VS Code

10 VS Code Extensions

My first experience as an international speaker 

Becoming familiar with Microsoft’s Open Source projects

Building a kickass junior resume

My journey in GitHub Campus Experts: Part 1

Making the most of HackCon

Lessons from creating my first technical video tutorial

Crossing passion and technology

Microsoft Build 2017 Viewing Party MTL Recap

MSP Tips— #7 Getting your hands dirty!

MSP Tips— #6 Measuring Success

MSP Tips— #5 Event Planning & Execution

MSP Tips— #4 Building Content

MSP Tips— #3 Community Building

MSP Tips— #2 Getting outside your comfort zone

MSP Tips— #1 Personal Branding

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