Handy VS Code shortcuts

I have compiled a list of all the shortcuts I found to be super useful when I first began to use VS Code. These can all be modified by going to keybindings (Keyboard Shortcuts) in VS Code settings to modify em. However, if you are just starting and are unfamiliar with utilizing shortcuts this is a great guide for you! You will quickly learn how useful shortcuts are and the amount of time you will save. Let’s dive right in shall we!

Keyboard Shortcuts

For Windows on Mac you can usually replace the CTRL with CMD and they will work..

  • Command Palette – Access all available commands based on your current context
  • Quick Open – Open files  Ctrlt+P && open multiple files by using the right arrow key.
  • New Window – Opens a new window instance
  • Status Bar  – View errors and warnings.  && run through the various errors and warnings with  Shift+F8
Ctrl+K Ctrl+F 
  • Format Selected Code – Formats the selected piece of code
  • Format Code – Formats the entire file
  • Select Line – Selects the current line entirely
  • Markdown Preview – Opens the markdown file in preview mode
Ctrl+K V
  • Markdown Preview Side By Side – Opens the markdown file side by side with the current markdown file and displays with live updates/sync
Ctrl+K Ctrl+X
  • Trim Trailing Whitespace
  • Toggle Side Bar


  • Open Terminal Opens terminal within VS Code
Ctrl+ Shift + `
  • Open New Terminal Opens a new terminal within VS Code (allows for multiple terminals within VS Code)
Ctrl+K Z
  • Enables Zenmode – Makes the VS Code application fullscreen – for less distractions!
  • Git Integration – Opens the Git Integration in the Side Bar.
Ctrl+K M
  • Language Mode – Switch the language on the fly
  • Open Extensions – Opens the Extensions section in the Sidebar – so go check out some sweet VS Code Extensions you can add right into VS Code.

Last but not lease!

Ctrl+K Ctrl+S
  • Keyboard shortcuts – Modify your keyboard shortcuts here! Ctrl+K CTRL+S

You can also find a nice little PDF of all VS Code pre-set shortcuts, out of the box, from VS Code at https://code.visualstudio.com/shortcuts/keyboard-shortcuts-windows.pdf


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