Microsoft Build 2017 Viewing Party MTL Recap

I’m here today to share with you my experience watching the day-two Build 2017keynote, along with other developers in at the Microsoft Office in Montreal. Below you’ll find the details I gathered on what’s next for Microsoft!


Story Remix App

A very fun and innovative app for creating videos. The application will allow the user to grab media from their computer or smartphone and turn their content into “instant video stories”. Any user can whip up a professional-looking video within seconds. It can even create premade stories for you, based on the content on your phone. You can search people, places, etc. It can even recognize objects! All through the power of AI deep learning.

Fluent Design System

The new Windows Interface will focus on five distinct areas:

  • Light
  • Depth
  • Motion
  • Material
  • Scale

Altogether, these elements make up what Microsoft calls Fluent Design.


With Timeline, users will be able to seamlessly pick up where they left off, from one device to another.  You will be able to see a history of your activities on any connected product making it easier for users to work across multiple devices and never lose a second!

Cloud-powered Clipboard

Microsoft will now enable users to move their data live with their new clipboard. No more sending yourself an e-mail with the content you need. Simply copy it on one device and paste it on another! The clipboard will be synced across your devices making it easier to move content around.

.NET Standard 2.0 and XAML Standard 1.0

I was excited to hear about XAML Standard 1.0! Since it will be a great step towarsd unifying XAML dialects (forms and UWP).  Standadizing a vocabulary for XAML will allow frameworks to share a common UI definitions.  The .NET Standard 2.0 will further provide consistency across the .NET ecosystem (since there exists many implementations of .NET, for example: .NET Framework, Xamarin, Mono, .NET Core, UWP). 1.0 allowed users to write code and/or a library that will work across all of this implementations.


Xamarin Live Player

My favorite announcement had to be the Xamarin Live Player! You can now build and debug your iOS application on your P.C. How great!

And lastly….

iTunes is coming to the windows store!

It was a great few hours spent at the Microsoft office.

Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming meetups of Microsoft’s Montreal Mobile .NET Developer group here: 


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