MSP Tips— #7 Getting your hands dirty!

Exploration, discovery, and adventure.

First things first, thank you for making it all the way to day 7 with me! I hope you found some pieces useful to make your Student Partner journey that much more memorable.

The cool part about being an MSP is the incredible community worldwide that you get to meet and even collaborate with. The students I’ve meet have been incredibly passionate, intelligent, and helpful.

So for tip #7, I challenge you to do something new! Start that blog you’ve always wanted to do. Pick up that interesting book you’ve been eyeing. Go to that hackathon next weekend. Host that workshop. Help out a fellow MSP. Get your hands dirty!

Don’t forget!

Whatever you choose to do, give it all you got and be the best MSP you can :).


P.S. These tips were meant to be simple and to introduce you to said topics. I’d be more than happy to do more in-depth post if anyone would be interested. Give a thumbs up or leave a comment if you’d want more details on anything I talked about :). 


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