MSP Tips— #6 Measuring Success

Analysis, metrics, and interpretation.

First things first, every event is different. But it’s a good idea to be collecting data to ensure your events are adding value to students and are helping improve your community initiatives. There are much more than what I have listed, but I’ll list a few I find valuable.

Number of people

If your aim was to reach forty students, did you reach that number? Were there more or less? Try to investigate as to why. Was the content not appealing to students? Did everyone stay for the entire event? If a majority of people left midway during your event it is possible your event was scheduled during a bad time, it should have been made shorter, or the content too advanced or too slow for some.

How many people registered versus how many were present at the event?

If there was a big gap between those registering versus showing up, it is a possible red flag that it a bad date and/or time. Determining how many people showed up to your event will also help you gauge the venue – next time you might need a bigger or smaller room.

Number of students in first year, second year, etc. 

By determining the number of students by year, you will be able to gauge the level of content you are delivering. Content can be too advanced or too novice for the majority of people and you will experience less and less folk coming to your events. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. You could be having a series on a topic and go from beginner to advance and by the last one you may have fewer people, and that’s okay!

What degree is each student studying?

This will allow you to assess your demographic that you are reaching. Is it just computer science students? Or are there mechanical, electrical, math and statistics, etc.? It’s great to know who is coming to your events to understand what further content you can be providing.

How did they hear about the event?

This will help guide where your resources and time for marketing will be put for your next event.

Survey/Feedback post-event

Below are some good questions to be asking your audience and for yourself.

Questions to ask

Try to keep it short and sweet! And preferably on a grading scale of 1-5 or a yes/no choice otherwise, it could be hard to analyze your data. To compensate, feel free to leave an optional comment box at the end so they can include extra thoughts.

Here are some questions you can ask your audience post-event:

  • If it is not your first event, have they been to previous events before? (yes/no)
  • How likely are they to return? (scale)
  • How likely are they to recommend the event? (scale)
  • What kind of event would they like to see in the future? (text input)

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What was your goal coming into the event? Did you meet your goal?
  • Did your event increase your social media following?
  • Did your event increase awareness?
  • Most important – Did you have fun?!?!

Don’t forget!

Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t reaching as many people as you hoped. If those that are attending are engaged, learning, and sharing then your initiative is successful!


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