MSP Tips— #2 Getting outside your comfort zone

Strength, risk, and liberation.

First things first, I know you might constantly hear that you should be getting outside your comfort zone so I’ll try to skip over that part. But guess what? You’re probably too comfortable where you are and have a familiar routine every day.  So I’ll quickly remind you why you should be trying break free from your daily regimen.

Once you successfully break out of your comfort zone you’ll have an easier time brainstorming ideas and harnessing your creativity. The more new things you do, the easier it becomes. It’ll become easier to push your boundaries in the future when you are trying to accomplish something that is very important. It takes time and practice. Don’t just count on yourself to be ready when the time comes. On top of all this, by pushing your boundaries it can help you get more done and work smarter!  Doesn’t that all sound great?

How do I get started you ask!?

It starts with doing things you never did before and starting small. Take something you do every day and do it differently. Take a different route to school, try a new food, or explore a new programming language. A very important key to getting outside your comfort zone is to be honest with yourself when you are making excuses. Is this task really impossible or are you brushing things off without analyzing the situation? Try to surrounding yourself with problem-solving and forward-thinking people. They should help motivate and support you. One way to help overcome an obstacle can be to find a role model, a friend or other, who overcame big obstacles to accomplish a similar goal to yours.

Some other ways to begin getting outside your comfort zone includes taking an improv class. This will be a plus because you’ll learn to be better at being on your toes. You’ll get better at creating solutions quickly and at giving quality presentations. Another way is to become a mentor. Everyone has something to offer and something to learn. It’ll make you feel good and grows your network!

Why is this important?

Remember, taking risks is what helps us grow. Maybe you’ve never created a workshop, maybe you’ve never hosted an event or maybe you have a fear of public speaking. Sometimes tackling these head on can be difficult. If you start slowly pushing yourself you’ll be able to give that great workshop or host that awesome event. Starting small will help you to overcome staying comfortable and help you accomplish the things you truly want to do. Best of all it’ll help you to be the best MSP you can be!

Don’t forget!

Trust yourself and don’t push yourself too far :).


One thought on “MSP Tips— #2 Getting outside your comfort zone

  1. This is really so cool an informative… I need to add bit of information for this … this is from my experience… to get out from Comfortzone i used a theory for 12 months a year…every end of the months I used to write 3 items I was procrastinating to do… basically if your procrastinating something that is the item make your life to different path… then what I do I take this challenge and I try those three items for next 30 days… So if your doing this every month in the year you would see awesome things happening to your life… You would boost self-confidence like a sky rocket… So there’s this saying “The life begins at the edge of the comfort zone”… I wish you best of luck for your new blog & hope to see more great articles around 🙂


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