MSP Tips— #1 Personal Branding

Introspection, honesty, and time.

First things first, before you start working on your personal brand you need to understand yourself. Who are you? What do you enjoy? What are you good at? What do you think about? What do you read? What do you search for on the internet? What do you find yourself constantly lured to? It is important to pay attention to what you are doing every day and recognize patterns. That way you are able to define what brings you joy. Once you figure that out it will be easy for you to begin sharing yourself with the world and building your brand.

The most important detail is to be authentic. Don’t post about what you think you should and don’t pretend to be something you’re not. It is easy to fall into this trap. This is why it is important to assess yourself and your values.

Not sure where to start? Start with defining yourself in your elevator pitch:

  • Name
  • Major and year
  • What have you done?
  • What are you interested in?

Learning how to introduce yourself will help you to begin building your brand.

Once you have established who you are, begin experimenting! It is good to do this at first so that you can figure out what works and what does not work. After which, you will be able to develop consistency – choose one or two, at most three, areas/aspects and stick to it! Travel and food, tech and food, tech and travel, make your mark!

Some useful pointers include:

  • Ask advice and guidance from someone whose brand you respect.
  • Choose networks that support your brand image. (Instagram, Twitter, a blog, etc. see what works for you)
  • Tag and credit any influencers you’ve referenced in your content.

Don’t forget!

Building your personal brand online takes time. Be patient. Those who consistently invest time are more likely to reap the benefits :).


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